Friday, September 30, 2011

Checking the Mail!

Luke has had a great few weeks!! We have seen fewer behavior issues, praise God!!! I had his conference at school this week, and he is doing a lot better there behavior wise also. His teacher is impressed with the amount of words he can identify by pointing to the correct word when given a choice of four words. Yeah Luke!!

Yesterday he was showing off at home. He walked (with me helping from behind, but doing very little) all the way to our mailbox and back inside. I am guessing it is at least 100 yards total. I am thinking if he does this every single day, he will get stronger and stronger, and hopefully able to do it with less and less assistance. So, here is how you avid Luke followers can help us out. I would love to fill that mailbox with letters, pictures, postcards, whatever for him when he walks out to check it, to keep him motivated. If you want to help out by mailing him something, send me an email to if you do not have our address, and I will get it for you. Thank you so much for helping support Luke on his journey!! We appreciate it more than you will every know.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too Long..

So sorry for the lack of updates lately, it seems like life is just passing by in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday we were laying on the beach in Coronado, now fall is upon on us, and before we know it Christmas will be here. We have been super busy!! Here are some pics of Luke at our annual blackberry picking event:

We also had to have sort of a surprise IEP meeting for Luke. He had an incident where he was grabbing another student, and has also continued to grab his teacher and aides. By the Grace of God we had met with a new neuro-psychologist just a week prior. He told me he is very well versed in dealing with school behavior issues should the need every come. He attended the IEP meeting via phone conference and had some great suggestions that everyone on Luke's team agreed to try out and implement some changes. Please pray they work and Luke will no longer have the behavior issues at school. Here is Luke's recent school picture. I think it turned out great!

Other than the behavior issues, things have been great. Thanks so much for checking in! I hope to be better about updating in the future!