Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Rockstar!

I had Luke's annual IEP (individualized education plan) meeting last week, and let's just say that kid is a ROCKSTAR!!!! I have been following a lot of blogs of families who dread these meetings every year because of the fight that usually results with the school district regarding the results, etc. I have said all along, we could not be more pleased with Luke's transition back into school, and I think his IEP shows the direct results of that. Luke, for the most part, met almost every single goal that was set for him this year!! To take it back a few steps, when Luke was originally evaluated to go back to school, which I believe was in 2008, some of the things they did to evaluate him were have him throw a ball, try to sit up, blow bubbles, stick is tongue out, my how far he has come since that original evaluation. Note: We did not send him back to school after that original eval, we waited two years, to concentrate on therapy. Here is a breakdown of what/how Luke is doing:

Occupational Therapy- He has been busy drawing shapes, learning how to use scissors again (with his left hand). Some of the main goals he met here were drawing various shapes, and integrating lefty into more tasks, which he continues to do great on!

Physical Therapy-He has been working on standing balance and walking with minimum assistance. I am pleased that next year, we will be working with Luke using his walker more at school during the school day to get around the classroom instead of his wheelchair.

Speech-The therapist was very pleased with how Luke is doing. She said he is ready, willing, and able to communicate his needs. Some of the future goals for Luke include, saying more than just yes/no, using a communication device which will speak in sentences for him, and sequencing more sounds. We are going to start working on really having Luke say hi/bye for the next words he will hopefully say by mouth, along with yes/no.

In Class goals-Luke is able to read some basic sight words when they are presented to him. He is also matching words with pictures, and beginning to learn to even spell some simple words using letter cards. He is doing great in math using a ten frame to count up to 12, and even scored 100% on the addition problems that were presented to him. Next year he will begin to work on word problems involving real life situations (money,) subtraction, spelling and using more words, writing his first name.

So, I am very excited with how Luke has progressed this year. A HUGE thing for next year, is he will be going all day every day, instead of this year only go for a full day on Monday and Friday. Way to go Luke! We are so proud of you and so thankful for your amazing teacher, aides, and the wonderful team that works with you everyday at QCMS!!!

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." -Christopher Reeve