Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back To School

Luke started back to school this week. Thankfully, he is at the same school and with the same teacher and aides he had last year. The only difference is, this year, he will be going all day every day. So far his first three days, he has had good reports from school. Pray this continues. He has also not had near the behavior problems he had been having at home. Thanks for the prayers and pray this continues. Here are some pics from the first day back (sorry they are so small, not sure why that was:)

Showing us six fingers for sixth grade

With his sisters before school

This week we will be adding Physical Therapy to Luke's schedule, one day before school, and one day after. Please pray this will not be too much for him, as he really needs the PT too, he has been making some great progress here lately.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Thanks for all the prayers yesterday! Luke did great! In fact, probably the best he has ever done:) The worst part of the trip was the drive there and back with a crazy driver, and of course the wait to get back into the states. Thanks again...God is Good! Now we pray for healing and restoration from these cells!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Prayer Request

Luke will be getting another round of stem cells this Tuesday at 12:00. Please pray for this procedure. Pray it will bring more restoration for Luke. Also pray Luke will be well-behaved on the flights and while we are gone. Thank you so much for continuing to follow us on this journey:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank you!

One of Mike's mom's friends has a grandson that plays for the Ranch Cucamonga Quakes. They are part of the Los Angeles Dodgers farm system. She had asked her grandson to sign a ball for Luke for his 11th birthday. He went above and beyond and had the entire team sign the ball. Thank You Vera and Steve for this kind gesture! The ball is proudly displayed in Luke's room now. Go Quakes!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 11th!

Here are some pics of Luke's 11th birthday:

We have a couple prayer request:

**Luke has had HORRIBLE behavior lately. Look at any of our arms and you will see the scratches he has left from pinching us. That kid is STRONG!!! We can not really attribute the change in behavior to anything. Please pray we can find an answer to it SOON though before school starts again!!

**Luke will be going back for another Stem Cell treatment in Mexico on July 19th. Pray we see results from this. The same Dr in Mexico will be doing the injection of the stem cells, but a Dr in the US, who has taken us across once, and who we really liked, will be getting the stem cells from the US.

Thanks so much for checking in and have a Happy July 4th Weekend!