Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time Flies

The saying,"Time Flies" for sure applies this month! I have no idea where the month of August went other than it just flew by!!! We have been busy, busy, busy. Luke continues to like school, although he is still having some behavior issues. He does not like having to do the work that comes with school. I pray he learns he has to do it, and will be nice for his teachers and aides. He had a little better week last week, but not perfect. He ended the week with a field trip going bowling. They actually do this as part of Special Olympics every other Friday, and Luke seems to really enjoy it.

We are going to be switching up his therapy/trying new things for the month of September. We are going to try a therapy place that is right here in Queen Creek that offers water therapy. I took Luke for an eval a few weeks ago, and the PT there really felt Luke could benefit from it. He said one hour of water therapy is the same as doing 5-10 hours of regular therapy. Pray we see great gains from this, as it would help out so much if we can find a good place that is close to home. This place is 10 minutes from home verses the 45 minutes we now drive. We will be going three times per week for an hour a session, starting after Labor Day.

We had a great weekend up north picking blackberries! Here are some pics:

Luke and little Sis in the kids cabin.

Mike carrying Luke to go pick blackberries.

Luke picking berries and eating them!

Most favorite thing to do...dig in dirt and throw it.

Picking a flower for mom.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Follow up appt

Today Luke had his follow-up appointment with Dr. Manwaring to go over his MRI. He said Luke's shunt is working great! He continues to be impressed with the improvements Luke is still making to this day. He was amazed to hear Luke say, Hi, Bye, and Yeah to him. He said he has come a long way from when he first met him over 3 years ago in bed 7 at the Copa!! So to that we say, God is good, and we are surely blessed. You see, most of the medical community will tell you that when you have a brain injury, you can expect to see improvements for about two years, and then they will stop, you pretty much get what you have at that point. Here we are almost 3 1/2 years later and still getting improvements. Praise God!! I think this just shows that Luke is proof, that there should be no limitations set on what the brain can do because in the end, faith, determination, perseverance, and just plain old hard work will ALWAYS win matter what!

Luke continues to love school, and put up quite the fight today when I had to put him in the car to go to the appointment. He was having some behavior issues last week, so I pray those will go away. Honestly, I think he is realizing school is not going to be all about fun, there is going to be some work involved too:) Thanks for continuing to follow along and believe with us that there are great things in store for this boy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Luke LOVES school!!

Well it is official...Luke LOVES being back in school! So much so, that he hates to leave school. We put him half day at school, so that he can still get all of his therapies in the afternoon. Well...he does not like leaving school one bit, and I have the pinch marks on my hand to prove it! So, this week we are starting with a big step (for me, not for Luke,) and he will be going to school all day on Mondays. In addition, he is now staying at school thru lunch on the other days. I am so happy that he loves school so much, and hope that it continues. I am hoping it will motivate him in other areas. Luke is the only student in his class in a wheelchair. I had recorded a video of Luke walking with his walker at therapy, and Luke was watching it with us. I asked him if he wanted to use his walker at school and he replied a loud Yeah! right away. So, we have made a new rule for Luke, no more wheelchair in the house, it stays outside. He is only allowed to use his walker in the house to get around. He did great today, pray that continues. Then hopefully he will become strong enough and his balance better so he will be able to use the walker at school. Thanks for your continued prayers!