Thursday, July 26, 2012

We had a super busy summer that seem to fly by and school started again yesterday!  The reports say his first day went great, hoping that continues for the rest of the year!
Here are some pictures from our summer vacation.  We spent a week at Hurricane Lake near Pinetop/Greer. 
 Luke checking out a bear my dad killed right near our camp.
 This kid has no fear!  Luke letting a snake crawl all over him.
 One of my favorite pictures, Luke very excited he is catching a fish.

The cousins that were there.

Luke did a three week camp at a therapy place near us twice a week for the last part of summer break.  He really enjoyed it, and I wished I had found out about it sooner, then perhaps he could have done it all summer.  Maybe next year!  Anyway, I got this yesterday from one of his teachers at that camp.  It made my day:)  I love it when people see the potential that he has.

Dear Luke, I only new you for a few weeks over the summer at l.i.f.e but you stole my heart. I work with wonderful kiddo's like you all day and have done for 10 years, you are so special and I keep thinking about you! I saw that you have so much you want to get out and express I also saw a kid with a larger than life personality who Is strong and courageous, also with a sense of humor when you laughed as you tricked me playing cards. It was a pleasure to have you at life. Love you Luke your truly amazing.