Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scare at School

Yesterday Luke had a bit of a scare at school. I received a call mid-morning from the school nurse telling me Luke was unresponsive. So of course I freak out. I asked her if he was breathing and had a heart beat, she said yes. She said he would just not wake up no matter what they tried. It happened at lunch. His teacher could not get him to respond at all, so she brought him to the nurses office. The nurse was concerned enough that she was going to call 911. The bad part was Tuesday I was at work in Gilbert, so it would take me awhile to get there, the good news was Mike was also there so he could drive, as I was a mess. On the way there I calmed down a bit, and called the school back. By this time the Fire Dept and Paramedics had arrived. The Fireman told me Luke was still unresponsive, and they were going to go ahead and take him to the hospital, where did I want them to transport him to? I start freaking out again, then he says, "Oh wait, we think he is coming around." Sure enough I could then hear him doing his Lukey yell in the background, huge sigh of relief. So they said they would check his vitals and decide what to do when Mike and I got there. I told Mike we were going to get there and Luke was going to be so excited to see all of the fire men there for him. Sure enough we walk into the nurses office to find Luke sitting up, hamming it up for the firemen. They had the stretcher there ready to transport him. After checking his vitals though, they found everything to be normal. All this to say, the only thing we can think it may have been is a seizure. Luke has not had seizures before that we are aware of. However, the doctors told us from the beginning seizures are very common in cases of TBI, especially as kids start to enter puberty. Luke has the same teacher he had last year, so she knows his mannerisms, knows him, and knows when something is not right. We fully trust her. I also know from experience he does not like to be woken up, and will hit and fight you. So for him to be completely unresponsive is not normal at all. After this, he slept for almost two hours straight. Please pray he is not having seizures, and that is was just an isolated event.