Friday, September 24, 2010


Once again...sorry for the lack of updates. Time just goes WAY TOO FAST!!! I seriously can not believe it is almost October!!! Anyway, Luke is doing great! He is still loving going to school. He gets to go bowling every other Friday, and I think this may be his favorite day:) He does still have behavior issues on occasion, but they seem to be getting better. We met with his speech therapist earlier this week, and she had some great suggestions for how to help Luke when he goes into what we call Luke #2 mode. The majority of his frustration seems to be coming from his lack of ability to communicate what he wants, and the fact that I do too much for him. So, we are working hard on giving him more of a say and also letting him do more. He is still going to the Aqua Therapy. We are going to try it for another few weeks before making a final decision on that. He did have his best week ever over there this week, so that was good:) Thanks for continuing to check in!!

Thanks Summer for the great quote:

"This mountain was not placed in front of you to defeat you, but to show you the great heights you can rise to!" -Margaret Byars

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brain Injury Assoc. Fundraiser

I wanted to pop on real quick to put something out there for Luke's Physical Therapist.

This is what he posted on facebook:

Hey everyone, I’m in a fundraiser for the brain injury assoc. most of you know that my mom suffered a brain injury and I work with a bunch of kids who also for fall into this category. click on the link and search for my name or team name if you would like to help out. the team name is “The Jive Turkeys”. if evryone one donated $1.00 it would be awesome. thanks a lot!
August 19 at 9:46pm · Like

PLEASE everyone! HELP this guy out! The team needs to raise $500! So easy to do if we all donated $1! Ummm… You will see I have not donated… Yet… And ummmm… Well… You have to have moola in the bank for your debit card to work… So He will get the change from my couch! =)

The funds raised goes DIRECTLY to the Brain Injury Association… Here is the direct link to his team… PLEASE donate to THE JIVE TURKEYS or they will not get the credit…

Please copy and paste this in an email and spread the word! Must be done SOON!

Thanks for supporting a Non profit that helps out people like Luke!

Remember...every little bit helps so please help out if you can:) Greg has been great with Luke and lots of other kids too like:

An update on Luke next week:)