Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We made it home from the Napa Center. So glad to be here! Luke did great his last week. His steps are getting better everyday. It is amazing to me when I look back at pictures from the first time we went, less than a year ago. He is sitting so much straighter and taller. The therapists this time commented how much stronger he is, how much better "lefty" is, and also how much more mature he seems. This time he never complained once that he had to go work. That kid is amazing! Here is a little video Lynsey put together of all of Luke's trips to Napa....

If the video does not work you can see it here also:

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What Luke has been doing...

Balancing while standing...he was able to get up to 23 seconds standing my himself!

Tall Kneel walking

Crawling...look at that left hand!

Walking in his walker...taking great steps and practicing walking heel to toe.

Climbing ladders

So far Luke has done great...only really having one day where he didn't want to work. So, we are in our final week here in California! Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I know I have been slacking BIG TIME on the updates. Luke is doing really good at his intense therapy! Today he took the best steps I have seen him take...moving his feet and legs perfectly. So....I promise a better update soon with pics too:) His lead therapist, Mr. Raf, has been sick all week. They said he is pretty we need prayers he will get well soon! Luke loves him!! Better update soon.....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Years...

Three years ago in the blink of an eye our lives were forever changed when Luke was hurt. I can not even imagine what Luke has gone thru...going from a life of independence to a life of total dependence. He is such a trooper, and I am always in awe of the way he perseveres through each and every day. This week in Phoenix there was a tragic reminder of just how fortunate we are that Luke survived his accident. A young man lost his fight after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury as the result of being hit by a car. He was set to graduate high school in just a few months...our thoughts and prayers are with his family. We are certainly feeling very blessed.

I could let my mind wonder to all the what if's...what if Luke hadn't been hurt what would he be doing now, would he be starting baseball like all the other boys, would he be going turkey hunting in a few months with dad, would he still be outside riding his bike up and down his ramp, who would his friends be at school? I could ramble on about all that I miss...hearing his voice..seeing him walk and run, hearing him tell his jokes, all things that have not happened since March 6, 2007. There is no doubt that someday we will look back on this journey and see at times only one set of footprints in the sand. It is then we will know He carried us.

There is a George Strait song called, "I Saw God Today." These past three years I have seen God in SO many places. In a world where there is so much bad, I can say goodness is everywhere, if you just look around. I have seen God in all of you who continue to follow our son's journey still today and pray for his healing and restoration. We can never say thank you enough for that...he is here because of you so please do not stop, he needs your prayers now just as much as he did on the day he was hurt. I have seen God in the peace within me telling me all is well. I have certainly seen God in the persevering spirit of my son. I have seen God in our sweet blessing from above, Lacey, who just turned one yesterday. She has brought so much joy back into our home. I have seen God in our daughter Lynsey whose world was shaken that day, yet she is so flexible and understanding in all we do for Luke and such a great big sister for Luke. I have seen God in the therapists that work with Luke...they care so much about him and more importantly to me, they believe in him. These therapists bake Luke cookies as a reward because they know he likes them, they bring in boxes for him to crawl though because that is something boys like to do. I have seen God in the servant hearts of our family and friends that help us out SO MUCH!! From my parents and Mike's mom and step dad who take Luke to therapy or help out by watching the girls, to my sister and the Purdys who help us out so much with Lynsey while we seek therapy options out of state or are at other appointments with Luke. We could never do all that we do without this help! This week we are leaving to take Luke to California once mom, aunt, and Mike's mom will each spend a week with me to help with Lacey...thank you! Another added bonus is my cousin is coming for a few days to do some interning at the Napa Center...I am excited for that. Prayers for a successful trip are appreciated.

While some days we may be sad at what was lost, today we will celebrate our son and are SO thankful for where he is at. I took him to the doctor yesterday for an ear infection. His pediatrician (whom I love) actually teared up when looking at him and told me how happy she with where he is at. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for continuing to follow our son, our hero, as he climbs this mountain. We are all just a phone call away from being on our knees. We got that phone call three years ago today, and because of all of you going to your knees, our son is here beating the odds he was given on that fateful day.

While I would do anything and everything to hear my son talk, see him walk, ride his bike up his favorite ramp, see his life not be filled with therapy appointments, see him play like the nine year old boy he is, I have seen God first hand with such awe. Today for that I am grateful because..."I Saw God Today." May God Bless You All!

"...and so we celebrated because the Lord has indeed worked miracles for us." Psalm 126:3