Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Days!

I am happy to report that Luke has been having some great days with therapy. All of his home therapists this week have told me how hard he is working. He walked up and down the stairs both days with his PT, and I must say...his walking has been looking really good lately!

I am sitting here at his therapy place now listening to his OT brief a new OT student on Luke. It does my heart good to hear him speak so highly of Luke and how far he has come since he has started coming here in July. Praise God for the amazing progress this kid is making!!

We started him back at Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy last week, and he seems to have made the adjustment back to that fairly well. There is an older boy there. Luke loves to go see his friend Jordan there, and Mike said the kid really seems to enjoy being with Luke in there. Of course Luke loves to give Jordan "knucks!"

Short but sweet...I promise more pictures next week!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to the grind!

Well after talking a few weeks easy for Christmas...Luke is back into the swing of things and is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! He is doing his three hour therapies three days a week at the neuro institute as well as his home therapies. Plus, Mike is taking him to oxygen therapy in the afternoon for the next four weeks five days a week. No rest for the weary around here...we've got big goals for that kid!!! He was able to go javelina hunting this weekend and had a good time! So it is not all work and no play...I promise a better update in the coming weeks. There are a few other therapies I am researching for Luke, so pray God will lead the way if it is meant to be. Thanks for checkin' in!